Staff are professional and friendly. Give great encouragement and manage to help even the nervous client to find their feet on skis. A huge thank you for the confidence boosting!

Read Jim’s Story…

A brand new experience today!! Was Recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis of the spine and was told I could not ski again for the foreseeable future due to a danger of breaking my back if I fell!!! However! That did not stop the Ski Centre. They rigged me up into a safety harness to prevent any falls and I can now safely continue with my ski lessons. I WILL be ready for the slopes when my osteoporosis is resolved. A HUGE THANK YOU TO JAMES AND HIS OUTSTANDING TEAM OF INSTRUCTORS!


Great fun had by both parents and 8 year old daughter. Every lesson brings new challenges, achievements and satisfaction. Thanks to a highly skilled, friendly and understanding team of instructors.

Well done Jessica… great first time skiing!



There are no limits…

Ski Centre are delighted to help enable more people to enjoy the magic of skiing and snowboarding in Ireland.  Our initial focus will be on supporting “additional needs” and  “adaptive needs” skiing and snowboarding.

Students have a variety of needs from autism, dyspraxia, deafness or rehabilitation challenges – not only improving and developing student’s physical skills but also in their social skills, confidence and ability to communicate.

There are no limits to what can be achieved…


If you want to participate or help enabling this great opportunity, please contact me directly on – we’d love to have you onboard!

There are no Limits ~^~ Ski Longer’n’Stronger ~^~