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Is HYPOXI Painful?

No, it is completely non-invasive and pain-free. Many clients comment that the alternating pressure in the chamber creates an invigorating feeling on the skin. The horizontal position in which the treatment is administered in the L250 and HDC takes pressure off the joints and lowers the client’s heart rate so that the experience is more likened to spa therapy than a form of exercise.

Is HYPOXI-Training only for Ladies?

No, HYPOXI-Therapy is suitable for men and women.
The Vacunaut Training targets fat loss from the stomach and hips.
In your studio a special individual training program will be worked out, available for men and women

What is HYPOXI-Dermology?

The HYPOXI-Dermology Treatment firms and regenerates the connective tissue and skin, activates the lymphatic system, as well as eliminates toxins.

How much time do I need?

» 30 Min. HYPOXI-Training with Trainer L 250 or Trainer S120 or Vacunaut Training
» The HYPOXI Combination Therapy consists of:
» 20 Min. HYPOXI-Dermology treatment + 30 Min. HYPOXI-Training
» Allow an extra 20 minutes for your first session (body-analysis, measurements)
» Best results for shaping your body are achieved by doing 3 training sessions per week.

Can I use HYPOXI if I’m not very fit?

Hypoxi training is designed for men and women of all fitness levels and ages. Throughout the treatment, your heart rate and skin temperature are constantly monitored. HYPOXI training does not require any particular degree of physical fitness and is perfect for someone who is thinking about getting back into exercise for the first time in years. You will be required to complete a client information form when you attend your studio, as there are certain illnesses & conditions which preclude people from undertaking treatments. If in doubt, we recommend you speak to a medical professional – your safety is paramount to us.

What clothing should I bring with me?

HYPOXI-Training and Dermology Treatment:
Comfortable track suit bottoms, a t-shirt with sleeves, socks and trainers

Vacunaut Training:
Most HYPOXI-Studios will provide you with a Vacunaut-Under suit and you just need to bring socks and trainers. For detailed information contact your HYPOXI-Studio

Is there a specialised nutrition plan?

On the HYPOXI-Training-Days:
Remember sufficient liquid intake (about 2-3 litres of water or tea, with 0 calories, i.e. Herbal Tea)

Before HYPOXI-Training:
About 1 – 4 hours before the training, meals based on carbohydrates (preferably wholegrain products)

After HYPOXI-Training:
Do not have carbohydrates for the next 8 hours. Meals based on proteins only should be eaten, combined with vegetables and salad

On non HYPOXI-Training-Days:
Avoid sugar, alcohol, and avoid foods that are high in fat.
Only eat foods that have a high quality nutrients. We recommend choosing from Low Glycaemic Index foods.  Drink 2-3 litres of water or drink with 0 calories (i.e. Herbal Tea)


Should I exercise (do other sports) in addition?

On the HYPOXI-Training Day:
No sports activities should be taken on the same day as HYPOXI, particularly sports after HYPOXI, as it will shorten the after effect of HYPOXI. If you need take other sport activities on the same day as HYPOXI it should be taken at least 4 hours before HYPOXI-Training and should be moderate and not intense sport.

The days between HYPOXI-Training:
Cardio, weight training and all sports are allowed.

When will I see (get) the first results in shaping?

Most clients begin to see results after as little as one week. Your therapist will conduct regular weighs and measures with you to monitor results.

Is it possible to do HYPOXI-Training with varicose veins?

Yes, HYPOXI-Training relieves the veinous system of the legs. The combination of light changes of pressure and simultaneous muscular movement helps the veins and also the lympahtic system.

With varicose veins try to avoid:
– treatments with heat
– to stand a long time without movement
– to sit with crossed legs


Who is excluded from HYPOXI Therapy?

Pregnant women are permitted from partaking in Hypoxi Therapy. If you have any concerns about other illnesses you may have please contact us and we would be glad to advise.

After pregnancy when is it possible to restart HYPOXI-Training?

After 6 weeks (normal birth), if your gynaecologist allows mild bike training. After a Caesarean you should wait 2 months and then only if your gynaecologist allows mild bike training you can start.

I am breast feeding. Can I still do Hypoxi Training?

HYPOXI-Training with the Trainer L250 or S120 is possible, but it is important that the temperature of your legs increase. HYPOXI-Dermology treatments and Vacunaut are NOT possible whilst breast feeding.

My training sessions are late in the evening, is it necessary to eat?

No, if you have had enough nutrients (also proteins) during the day then you do not need to eat anything late. If you cancel the meal completely your body will have a very high post exercise energy consumption. It is important to ensure that the body has got enough liquids (0 calories).

Ask the Experts

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