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Welcome to the state of the art  Ski Gym and Health Studio. Our dedicated staff are always on hand to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.  Technique, technology and fun activities make it all easier to reach your goal.

Core Fitness:

Your CORE is at the centre of any health and fitness programme.  Whether you are young or old, whether you are aiming to be a professional athlete or simply want to look good and feel good… we have a programme to suit you.


Prepare Your Body for Skiing in our Boutique Ski Gym

Improving your levels of physical fitness before you embark on your ski holiday is so important, especially for those who ski only once or twice a year. Working on your strength, endurance and flexibility will reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance on the slopes, ensuring you get full value from your holiday.

The Ski Gym boasts hi-tech equipment to add to your workout experience including The SKIERS EDGE machines, a progressive fitness tool that allows you to include ski-specific training in your gym workout.


  • Personal Training____________€60 / 1 session
  • Personal Training Pack_______ €500 / 10 sessions
  • Group Personal Training _____€150 pm

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PERSONAL TRAINING – get “Smart-training” with Jonathan today!

  • Find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise?
  • Not sure what exercise to do?
  • Need to get back in shape?

Most people aren’t getting the full results they desire in the gym because they do not have the right programme or motivation. Our Personal Training is designed around you to ensure you get the results you desire .

  • Single session €60
  • 10 Sessions Pack €500
  • Group Personal Training €150pm

Call 01 6522748 to book an Appointment.

  • Mondays 6am – 10am
  • Wednesday 6am-10am
  • Thursdays 5pm-10pm

With SMART-training everything is possible

Jonathan is a qualified personal trainer and fitness professional since 2004.  Jonathan brings a vast amount of experience from other disciplines and his ability to help you build your core strength, agility and stamina using your own weight will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Jonathan specialises in Smart-training that utilises the body’s own weight with a special interest in lower back, knees and shoulders.

With 11yrs as a fitness professional Jonathan is always expanding his knowledge and interest and currently trains in, performs and teaches aerial dance, a physical art form made famous by Cirque De Soleil.

Jonathan is also a qualified pilates instructor, swimming instructor, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture… Checkout Jonathan’s new line-up of fitness classes where ski fitness becomes addictive fun!

The journey continues.

You will benefit enormously from the bespoke ski gym especially the  skiers edge trainers, and if you are looking for that extra edge, definitely recommend personal training or fitness classes


“The personal training sessions have really made a huge difference, helping me set and achieve fitness goals beyond my expectations.  The team took a genuine interest in my individual situation and delivered a tailored program each session that stretched and motivated me. Irrespective of age, physique, fitness level or abilities the team demonstrates great ability to connect on an individual level with patience, instilling trust and belief that progressive goals can be achieved in a safe (yet challenging) and fun environment.

Before heading off on this year’s ski trip I joined the Ski-fit classes at the Ski Centre.  We were worked hard at each class with an extensive variety of drills and skills that very effectively improved stamina, core strength and balance, as well as overall fitness.  The benefits were evident from day one on the slopes, especially with all of the fresh deep powder that we got during the week.  Highly recommended!”


I did a course of six Ski Fit classes before I went on my ski trip ,they made a big  difference  to my stamina , I was able to keep going all day ,no sore legs! The class itself was great fun too you get an all over work out. Interesting and varied  with lots of different exercise combinations.

I am hoping that it will continue all year round.