The surface:

Our unique slopes are made from a special carpet-like material – so it’s much safer than traditional slopes! The surface also encourages you to perfect balance, edge precision, and control of rotation, so when you hit the real slopes you’ll benefit in terms of technique , ski fitness and stamina!

Watch 10mins continuous skiing

Continuous skiing:

Our “revolving-slope-technology” means you will get in longer runs.  Just like real skiing you’ll be able to practice turn after turn without stopping so in no time you will develop skill and confidence on the slopes.

With normal dry slopes or snow domes you benefit from 12-20 seconds of continuous skiing, however with our slopes you typically ski between 10 to 15 MINUTES! , allowing you to better simulate real ski runs.  Quite literally we can offer you the longest ski runs in the world!

Magnifying glass: If you are an expert or advanced skier you’ll really appreciate our slopes as they will magnify any weak areas of your skiing and pinpoint exactly where we need to focus to help you progress!

Variable speed & Gradient:

We adapt the speed and gradient to suit your needs and ability – all whilst you are skiing… before you know it you’ll be storming the slope, skiing to your max!

Magic Mirror & Instant Feedback:

Because our Instructor is always right beside you, you will benefit from precise and instant guidance… and often the Instructor will hop on the slope and ski beside you to help with technique and rhythm.

Our unique “mirrored wall” also allow for immediate and real-time feedback – something that no other ski slope in the country, the Alps,or even the Rockies can offer!

Using state-of-the art wearable MUVI cameras we can also record your lessons.


We pride ourselves on having the safest technology which makes learning ideal for all ages and ability.

All our instructors control the speed of the slopes with handheld remote controls which means you can learn in a safe, controlled and flexible environment.

Seeing is believing:

The best way to understand  our slopes is to experience them yourself… call (01) 293 0588 and we’ll be happy to book you a lesson. 

PS. No need to worry about boots, skis etc. it’s all included, just turn up 15 minutes beforehand.