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Travel Insurance Top 10 Travel Tips A few things we’ve learned over the past 10years!

1. Getcover Policy Number – keep your travel insurance policy number and emergency telephone number with you – text it to you.

2. Reporting Losses – report losses to the local police and make sure you get a copy of the police report to bring home with you to Ireland so you can claim on your travel insurance.

3. Medical Expenses – get complete documentation and receipts from the medical centre where you have been treated. The same applies to any medications purchased.

4. Safety Deposit Box – use it if in your room (documents, valuables etc).

5. Vaccination Requirements – check the requirement for wherever you are going.

6. Connecting Flights – leave an adequate gap between flights to allow for delays.

7. Weigh your Bags – before going to the airport and make sure you aren’t over the allowed limit. Invest in a hand held luggage weighing scales you’ll save money and avoid check in frustration on your way home.

8. “Checked- in” Luggage – Make sure that all liquid items you are carrying are stored in your “checked-in” luggage.

9. Local Customs and Culture – Respect the local customs and culture.

10. Bargaining – Don’t be afraid to bargain if you are in a country where that is the norm. It’s part of the experience.!



Accidents happen, but with’s ski insurance you’re covered. Skiing is classified as a dangerous sport, which is why it is essential you have specialist insurance before you go. You can hit the slopes knowing that, no matter what happens, we’re there for you. Still, prevention is key and here are some basic safety tips for both beginner and advanced skiers. Our ski travel insurance is such good value, you can make the most of your holiday budget. ski insurance covers everything a skier needs, from beginner ski enthusiasts to the FIS racer.

Ski & Snowboarding Holiday Tips

Get the right gear Wear lots of thin layers under your waterproof, windproof ski outer wear and avoid cotton. Ensure you are visible by choosing bright colours. Many accidents on the slopes are caused by collisions with other skiers. The more visible you are the better. Getcover ski insurance insures your ski hire equipment. Hypothermia and frostbite can be a real concern, so invest in good socks, gloves and headgear to protect yourself.

Be aware of the weather Before you head out for the day be sure to check the weather forecast. Talk to local experts, or check the weather online to ensure that the day is safe for a trip to the slopes. Getcover ski holiday insurance does cover you against piste closures and avalanche closures. Make sure to wear sunblock, though it may be cold, the sun reflecting on the white snow can cause nasty sunburn to the face.

Obey the signs Keep your eyes open and follow the signs when using ski lifts, crossing busy routes or deviating from established ski runs. Stick to the runs at all times, not matter how inviting some fresh snow may look. Getcover winter travel insurance covers your medical bills, including search and rescue, but we’re sure you’d rather not have the opportunity to experience more!

Learn the basics Beginner skiers should always start out with lessons, because the basics are important when engaging in the sport that can see a person moving at high speeds relatively quickly. Most important to master is the art of slowing down, turning, and most importantly – stopping. Remember, ‘Snow plough is my friend! Getcover ski insurance also gives you snowboarding insurance.

Wear a helmet Improvements in equipment and snow grooming (combing it smooth with special machines) can mean that speeds of up to 40 miles an hour are achievable on the slopes. Wearing a helmet has been flagged as a way to decrease serious head injuries by approximately 50%. We would strongly advise any skier, beginner or advanced to wear a properly fitting helmet. ski holiday insurance has you covered, but your safety is priority. For a quick ski travel insurance online quote, please complete a Quick Quote Now., the home of online insurance.