Jim’s inspiring story…

Congratulations to Jim Duffy for being nominated for the Outsider People of the Year Awards.  Jim is a regular skier at the Ski Centre and helped enormously with the development of our additional equipment over the last year or so…THANK YOU JIM!

Jim, along with many others have inspiring stories to share, just pick up a copy of Outsider in reception, you’ll be fascinated what can be achieved when you put your mind to it.  We hope you enjoy Jim’s story and if you have time…


James & all the Team.

Staff are professional and friendly. Give great encouragement and manage to help even the nervous client to find their feet on skis. A huge thank you for the confidence boosting!

Read Jim’s Story…

A brand new experience today!! Was Recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis of the spine and was told I could not ski again for the foreseeable future due to a danger of breaking my back if I fell!!! However! That did not stop the Ski Centre. They rigged me up into a safety harness to prevent any falls and I can now safely continue with my ski lessons. I WILL be ready for the slopes when my osteoporosis is resolved. A HUGE THANK YOU TO JAMES AND HIS OUTSTANDING TEAM OF INSTRUCTORS!


Great fun had by both parents and 8 year old daughter. Every lesson brings new challenges, achievements and satisfaction. Thanks to a highly skilled, friendly and understanding team of instructors.

Well done Jessica… great first time skiing!


Take the 10K Everest Challenge!

and tell your friends you “Skied Everest in 30 minutes”




Well Done to all 10k Skiers – see more below! Just over €2,000 raise so far!


Top Fundraisers so far!


Fun way to get fit!

Start the year on a high – Take the 10k Everest Challenge!

Typically you burn up to 600 calories per hour skiing – and every 30 minutes on our slope is circa 10klm!  Putting that is perspective – Mt Everest is 9klm high!

If you’d like a fun way to get fit this year pop into the Ski Centre, pick up a sponsorship card and help raise money to enable Additional and Adaptive ski and snowboard coaching. Summer pricing for all participants!

Help raise money to enable “Additional and Adaptive Needs” children and adults enjoy the fun of skiing and snowboarding by taking part in the 10k Ski Challenge.  With your help we will help fund special training and equipment for Additional and Adaptive Needs Skiing at Ski Centre Dublin!

Your donations will go towards:

Additional Needs:

  • Skis, Snowboards, Helmets, Gloves
  • Edgy-Wedgy Clips (snowplough)
  • Special ski Harnesses
  • Special Instructor Training

Adaptive Needs:

  • Mono-Ski
  • Bi-Ski
  • Junior- Ski
  • Adaptive Training

Marty Miller (The Morning Glory Show Radio Nova) & Gary Quinn (The Irish Times) are both complete beginners and have taken the challenge to learn to ski at Indoor Ski Centre to help enable more “additional and adaptive needs children and adults ski right here in Dublin.

The event builds up to a “non-stop ski challenge” to see who can ski the longest on Ski Centre non-stop ski slopes. Like the “Stig’s fastest lap” Marty & Gary will post there time on the leader board. Other celebrities and public will also be invited to take the challenge… and in doing so raise money for a great cause.

Sign-up now and come take the challenge on FIS World Snow Day 14th & 15th Jan 2017 at Ski Centre. (or next available spot)!

Take the opportunity to learn to ski (special challenge package available) and all participants get to come to Ski Centre on World Snow Day for free to post their distance. All donors will also have the opportunity to ski at our special €15 rate.

All money raised will go to enable more “Additional & Adaptive needs skiing & Snowboarding” raising funds to train instructors and buy special equipment.

There are no limits to what can be achieved. Sign-up today and get started with either 3 for €99 or 10 for €300 pack!

 Family ski school on the snowy slopes of Sandyford

Tired legs, laughter and mastering the slopes are all part of Dublin’s indoor ski school… Gary Quinn’s first ski experience. Read more…

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Podcast Interview

How it works?

Complete the form below & pop into SKI CENTRE, pick up your Sponsorship card in reception and we’ll get you started.

What to expect:

  • We’ll teach you how to ski or snowboard (over 6-10 lessons);
  • or if you’ve skied before we’ll help improve your technique & fitness.
  • You get 30 minutes skiing/snowboarding each time you visit (3 sets or 10 mins over 1 hour)… it’s a great way to get fit – typically you burn 600cal per hr skiing!
  • As you progress we’ll build you up to 15 minutes runs to build your stamina; and when you’re ready we’ll book you in for your 10K Challenge!
  • Over the 6-10 week period you can get sponsorships or encourage others to take part…
  • When you are ready we’ll book you in for your challenge, and;
  • After skiing 30 minutes non-stop!!! You’ll have completed your 10K – that’s higher than Mt Everest – so you’ll have earned your well deserved 10K Everest T-Shirt!

Special participant pricing:

As a special thanks we’ll give you lessons at summer prices and you’ll ski FREE on your Challenge Day.  Thank you for helping others enjoy the fun of skiing and snowboarding!

> Anyone who donates can buy a single lesson at our €15 Special Rate ( Ski Centre will contact all donors on completion of the challenge) > All Participants can train beforehand at the special rate: 3 for €99 / 10 for €300

Sign-up now!

10K Challenge Sign-up Request:




Preparation Pack

Ready to set yourself a Challenge Date? Typically we suggest you train for 4-6 weeks if you are already used for the slopes or 6-10 weeks if your a complete beginner... If you are not sure don't worry, just leave blank!

Preferred time:

Other message:

Please submit and we will contact you to discuss in more detail!

There are no limits…

Ski Centre are delighted to help enable more people to enjoy the magic of skiing and snowboarding in Ireland.

Our initial focus will be on supporting “additional needs” and we will run events to fund specialist equipment for “adaptive needs”.

Students have a variety of needs from autism, dyspraxia, deafness or rehabilitation challenges – not only improving and developing student’s physical skills but also in their social skills, confidence and ability to communicate.

There are no limits to what can be achieved…

“In the UK under  sister company www.skiplex.co.uk we setup an entire centre for soldiers injured (physical & mental) from war “Help for Heroes”… people from all ages from 4yrs up, from all types of life experiences and abilities can enjoy the healthy fun of skiing & boarding” link

If you want to participate or help enabling this great opportunity, please contact me directly on james@skicentre.ie – we’d love to have you onboard!

There are no Limits ~^~ Ski Longer’n’Stronger ~^~ www.skicentre.ie


Media Partners:

  • Marty Miller “The Morning Glory Show” at Radio Nova www.nova.ie
  • Gary Quinn at The Irish Times & www.irishtimes.com

Ski Partners:

  • Indoor Ski Centre – www.skicentre.ie
  • Crystal Ski Holidays – www.crystalski.ie
  • Snow+Rock Clothing – www.snowandrock.com
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