Ski – Fit

SKI GYM – only bespoke Ski GYM in Ireland!

Benefit from our Personal Trainers and bespoke SKI GYM to improve your fitness, balance, flexibility and ski endurance.

Unique Ski fitness equipment includes:

  • Incline/Decline treadmill;
  • Free weights, Squat machine & Olympic bars;
  • Skiers Bosu balance ball;
  • 6 Professional Skiers Edge non-impact lateral conditioning machines!

– all you need to get SKI FIT!







 Skiing at Your Best!

“I use the World Cup Plyometric Power to simulate my racing movement patterns, while allowing me to accumulate lactate levels similar to those I produce while racing and training on snow.”

Ted Ligety – U.S. SKI TEAM Olympic Gold Medalist, World Cup Overall GS Champion


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