Last season I distinctly remember being in difficult skiing conditions and wishing I had better goggles. To add to the problem I were glasses so fogging was an issue. I was chatting to Mark at Snow+Rock Dundrum and he recommended Prizm goggles… watch to video!

If considering investing in new lenses some things to consider.  Venting and/or double glazed lenses to help reduce fogging… interchangeable lenses or if your budget stretches… prizm lenses, essentially being able to see a clear path even in changing light conditions. Oh! and check they fit well with your helmet.

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In order to maximize your time and enjoyment out on the slopes you need to keep warm. The secret to keeping warm is layering and warming your ‘core’ (vital organs). If your core is warm then your body can heat your extremities. If your core is cold then your body will focus on warming your vital organs and your extremities will become cold – simple?

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Is this ski for me?

If you’re trying to choose a new pair of skis and are unsure what to opt for, we’ve broken our range into four basic groups to help guide you in the right direction.

Piste Skis

Piste skis help you to make the most of every turn on groomed runs, whether you love carving big wide arches or bouncing from edge to edge.

The Technology

A narrow waist and wider tip and tail help you to grip and feel stable on your edges, while a small amount of rocker (rise) in the tip helps you to initiate your turns smoothly and ride over any soft snow and crud that you may encounter.

Is this ski for me?

If you love to ski groomed runs and like nothing better than working your way around the piste map then this type of ski is definitely built for the task.


All-Mountain Skis

These skis are all about versatility and are a great option if you want one pair of skis that can handle anything.

The Technology

All-mountain skis have a narrow enough waist to perform really well on piste, yet are wide enough to help you float through deeper snow. Extra width in the nose and added lift at the tip and tail allows you to explore a greater range of terrain without sinking into the powder or getting bogged down in the slush.

Is this the ski for me?

If you spend most of your time exploring groomed runs but are yearning to venture into the powder then all-mountain skis are a great choice. They are fun to ride anywhere on the mountain and brilliant for building confidence off-piste.

Freeride Skis

Freeride skis are built for skiing off-piste and have everything you need to handle unchartered territory including fantastic float and stability at speed.

The Technology

These skis are fairly stiff and really wide throughout, providing plenty of surface area to help you float through deep snow. Gone are the days of tough on-piste handling, there is plenty of rocker in the tip and tail to help you slice through the powder and a decent amount of side cut to allow an enjoyable ride back to the lodge.

Is this ski for me?

If you’re an experienced skier committed to the eternal pursuit of the perfect powder then you definitely need a set of freeride skis in your arsenal. They are ideally skied fast and with confidence so they are generally not advised for beginners.

Freestyle Skis

These skis are all about fun and although they can be skied across the mountain, they feel most at home in the park and pipe.

The Technology

Freestyle skies are often referred to as ‘twin tips’. They have an equal amount of rocker in the tip and tail allowing them to be skied both forwards and backwards. They generally have camber throughout, which provides plenty of pop and unless they’re built specifically for off-piste they have a mid to narrow waist that can be skied all over the mountain.

Is this ski for me?

If you gravitate towards the park and pipe then you’ll love the manoeuvrability of freestyle skis. They perform well all over the mountain, allowing you to make the most of those natural obstacles.