Mark’s Story –  First Time Skiing!

Mark McAuley from Snow and Rock Dundrum takes 6 Lessons at the Indoor Ski Centre Sandyford.  Follow Mark’s weekly progress… from absolute beginner to parallel skiing… that’s the challenge is just 6 lessons!

So having never pulled on a pair of Ski Boots I decided now was the time to give skiing a go.

Some customers had said to me that the Ski Centre in Sandyford was a great place to start so I contacted the guys and booked myself in for 6 lessons. I was obviously a bit nervous and took a bit of stick of the guys in the job prior to going. They were all quite adamant that having never skied before I would spend most of the lesson on my backside.

I called down at 2pm Friday and was given boots and ski’s. Theo was my instructor for the hour, he was really nice and most important of all patient. We began with the basics- Stance, Straight Running, Plough / Breaking. I felt surprisingly comfortable with these so he suggested we move on.

Next up- Plough turns. This is where I struggled, my legs were beginning to ache, I had taken a tumble or 2 possibly 3 so thankfully Theo suggested a break for a few mins so I took a seat while another client took to the slope. Thinking about it the hardest thing to do is not look down, I kept finding myself looking at my Ski’s and this is wrong for two reasons, firstly motion sickness as the ground is moving under you and secondly if I was on a real ski slope and decided to stare at my ski’s I wouldn’t be long about crashing into someone or something.  So I focused on looking up at the mirror which covers the wall in front of the slope and found it much easier to see and pick up the little tips that Theo was giving me.

On to the second half of my first lesson and back to the Plough turns. Having had a few mins to relax my legs I was getting on much better and didn’t feel like I was going to fall at any moment so we moved on through, next up- Plough turns Vertical Movement followed by Step Plough Turns. Step plough turns might sound easy to anyone who has mastered the art but I felt like Bambi on ice, I think I managed to get it once properly just before the lesson finished. Im really looking forward to next week.

I have my achievement card so I will be trying to get the Step plough turns working fluidly which will move me out of the beginner course and on to Parallel…



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